Published by Elad Sharf, Nick Griffin (May 24, 2017) Performanta is aware of additional malware variants, like ‘EternalRocks’, exploiting the same vulnerabilities as WannaCry and additional attack vectors leaked by The Shadow Brokers group. If you’ve followed our previous advisory and protected yourself against WannaCry, you should be protected against the […]

Security Advisory: EternalRocks and other Malware Variants Utilising The Shadow ...

The world was rocked over the weekend by the largest global cyber-attack, known as WannaCry. Performanta’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) alerted us to the world’s biggest ransomware attack, well before the global pandemic started. SOC immediately gathered more information and sent out alerts to all our customers (internationally) on Friday afternoon. We will […]


This is your chance to get into the Cyber Security World and work in a challenging, dynamic and highly rewarding environment.   Performanta Academy which forms part of the Performanta Group, is the training arm that was launched to cater for a major gap of skilled and professional resources in […]

Your Ticket into the Cyber Security World